Healthcare Reform

Healthcare for all Americans is a moral issue!


we need to create a Public Option in our healthcare system that can cover Americans who cannot afford or who do not want private insurance!

America is among the 10 wealthiest countries in the world and yet 37 countries have lower infant mortality rates, and with insurance costing over $900 a month for a family, 44 million Americans have no health insurance at all. This is a stain on our great country and must be fixed! 

As a country, we are basically ALONE in this employer-based, private insurance driven system.

Here are just a few examples of successful national public healthcare systems and how long they've been around: 

  • England - since 1946

  • Sweden - since 1982

  • Italy - since 1978

  • France - since 1945

  • Germany - since 1889

  • Canada - incremental since 1956 

In most of these countries, individuals may choose additional private coverage, may opt out of public coverage, or may self-pay for providers or procedures not covered. We need to see the successes of our allies as inspiration for change, and we need to adopt a public option in our healthcare system that will cover Americans who need it, and also allow Americans who want to keep their current plans to do so! 

I know change can be hard, and even scary, but before you reject it I hope you will educate yourself on the ways other countries are doing what we currently are not - providing healthcare access to all.

You can learn more about the differences between public option coverage (also called “Universal”) and single-payer on verywell health.