A Democratic Voice for North Carolina

As a woman of faith, a minister, and a mother, Angela has focused her attention for 20 years on serving her community, advocating for the less fortunate, and promoting the rights of all. Now she’s ready to go to DC and do the same!


(Photo by Terry Ciszek Photography)

Real People, Real Issues


Right now, real people in NC and across the country can’t afford to pay to see a doctor, they can’t afford medication they need, and they can’t afford insurance. Rural hospitals are closing, leaving people with even fewer choices. This is immoral.

Angela believes it is essential that the US find a way to provide healthcare for every citizen, regardless of their employment status, age, or income. It’s not just the rich who deserve to be healthy.

The Environment

Duke energy made a ton of money making and selling electricity in our State while leaving behind their waste to pollute our land and our water.

Angela will make companies factor in the cost of cleaning up their mess as part of the cost of doing business so real people don’t have to pay to clean up after them!

Gun Control

Because Congress has refused to enact sufficient background checks or restrict civilian access to military grade weapons, we’ve created an environment where real people cannot go about their everyday lives without fear.

Angela supports universal background checks and a ban on civilian ownership of military grade weapons.